Hear Us on the Marketing Mouths Podcast

Our friends at RadioMD recently invited us to be guests on their health marketing podcast series called Marketing Mouths. We talked about how to use video in healthcare marketing, telling physician stories and keeping the attention of your audience. And we had a little fun during their infamous “Wheel of Questions” at the end.

You can listen to our episode here.

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Why We Do One Minute Healthcare Videos

Imagine you are driving in your car and the radio suddenly goes silent. How long does it take before you change the station? 10 seconds? 30 seconds?

The concept of time can be hard to quantify. In the initial planning stages of some of our healthcare projects, many clients will say they think a video should be 3 or 4 minutes long. It usually takes a little explanation to see why shorter is better.

One minute is our target length for most of the videos we produce, especially physician profile videos and patient testimonial videos.

Years of experience in television news taught us that you can pack a lot of information into one minute of video. There is a reason that most of the stories you see on the evening news are 60-90 seconds long. Many studies of audience viewing habits have found that time frame is the sweet spot for keeping viewers engaged.

It comes down to the goal of the video. What action do you want the person watching to take? If it is to connect to a physician or relate to a patient, then try one minute.

Here’s an example of a recent testimonial we produced with a patient who had joint replacement surgery.

Sharing Your Video Shoot

Some of our most successful healthcare video projects were promoted on social media before a single frame of video was ever edited. Just knowing a video is coming can be a powerful tool. Sharing with your followers that you are shooting a video on a unique service or a particular physician can be an effective way to build excitement.

And it’s more than reaching potential patients. Including a behind the scenes photo from your video shoot on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram lets the hospital staff know about your marketing efforts. It allows them to serve as brand ambassadors by sharing the news.

Meritus Health video shoot
Meritus Health video shoot

For some sensitive subjects, it might be best to wait for the final edit and video approval. But those cases are rare. Take advantage of social media and get the word out about your video as you shoot it.

Saying Thanks for 2016

As we bring 2016 to a close, it’s a good time to say thanks to all of our partners and clients. We enjoy the privilege of producing videos that tell the amazing stories of healthcare.

  • To the physicians and medical professionals who share their stories, thank you.
  • To the hospital marketing teams who trust us to develop those unique stories, thank you.
  • To the Point Across Media family of videographers across the country who capture those stories with their cameras, thank you.


We end the year on a high note. We’re proud to share an award winning video we produced with CHI Franciscan Health and the Seattle Mariners. Our fun video “Mariner Moose Visits Doctor” won a 2016 MarCom Award in the medical video category.

Off to SHSMD

It’s time for the annual Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) conference. This year’s conference is in Chicago. To get ready for SHSMD, we’ve been sorting through our best work to display in our booth. We’re looking forward to showing examples of physician profile videos, patient testimonials and service line videos to marketing professionals from hospitals and clinics all across the country. We’ll be at booth 1031 on the exhibit floor.


Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit

Next week we’ll be in Chicago for the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit. This conference is a great opportunity for us to share the benefits of using video in healthcare marketing. We’ll be featuring success stories from our client hospitals with physician profile videos, service line videos and patient testimonials. We look forward to meeting healthcare marketers from all across the country. We’re in booth 63 in the exhibit hall.