Why We Do One Minute Healthcare Videos

Imagine you are driving in your car and the radio suddenly goes silent. How long does it take before you change the station? 10 seconds? 30 seconds?

The concept of time can be hard to quantify. In the initial planning stages of some of our healthcare projects, many clients will say they think a video should be 3 or 4 minutes long. It usually takes a little explanation to see why shorter is better.

One minute is our target length for most of the videos we produce, especially physician profile videos and patient testimonial videos.

Years of experience in television news taught us that you can pack a lot of information into one minute of video. There is a reason that most of the stories you see on the evening news are 60-90 seconds long. Many studies of audience viewing habits have found that time frame is the sweet spot for keeping viewers engaged.

It comes down to the goal of the video. What action do you want the person watching to take? If it is to connect to a physician or relate to a patient, then try one minute.

Here’s an example of a recent testimonial we produced with a patient who had joint replacement surgery.

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