Making TAVR Personal: George’s Story

One of the best things about producing healthcare video is the opportunity to tell stories that matter. Sometimes you stumble upon stories, sometimes they open the door and shake your hand. That’s what happened when we met George Hausauer.

George was a 91 year old man with a failing heart. His diagnosis was severe aortic stenosis, basically a choke up of the aortic valve. George needed surgery, but because of his age and health, traditional open heart surgery was not an option.

His cardiologist suggested George see cardiac surgeon Dr. John Luber at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, part of CHI Franciscan Health. Dr. Luber is on a highly specialized team performing TAVR, which stands for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement. TAVR is a unique heart procedure where an interventional cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon work together to repair a damaged aortic valve without opening a patient’s chest. Dr. Luber determined George was a great candidate for TAVR and his procedure was very successful.

Our goal was to tell a story about TAVR. But it wasn’t hearing from the specialists or seeing the surgery that made this story effective. It was George. This is his story. I dare you not to like him.



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